About Us

Creative Life Church

Our Beginnings:

The church began by being chartered with the Divine Sciences Federation International (DSFI) in 1982.  Andy and Mesilla Kress led the church  from 1983 to 2007.  When Andy Kress was vice president of the Federation for two years, changes in the movement prompted our church’s independence.  Now our affiliation is with the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) – a world wide umbrella organization of New Thought ministries which includes Religious Science, Unity, Divine Science, Religious Thought and other independent groups.  We use the New Thought Alliance as a synonym for growth, development and perpetual progress with the ideal of a limitless and eternal search for truth through worship of the omnipresent God, the dwelling God in whom we live, move and have our being.

The basic tenant of Creative Life Church is not a dogma or theory.  It is KNOWLEDGE of God on a personal basis.  Our “Statement of Being” contains the teaching in its entirety, and its application is a way of life:

“God is ALL —

One Presence, One Mind, One Power.

This One that is ALL is Perfect Love.

We are One with God and One with this Perfect Love.”

We bless all loving teachings and works that are life-affirming and creative.  We are a healing teaching, that when applied, works in our lives.  We gather in LOVE, not fear.  We interpret the Bible and all other religious literature as an inspired human effort, that must be understood spiritually and utilized in affirmative life-supporting ways.  This ministry has helped many people heal and we will continue to do so through the love, support and participation of its members and friends.

WHY are we here?

To be a vehicle for disseminating transformative ideas that empower and connect individuals.

WHO do we serve?

People who are seeking to help themselves and others to experience and express wholeness and embrace diversity.

HOW are we distinctive?

We honor and bring together the common thread of all inspired thought.  We believe in the intrinsic goodness of the individual.  We help individuals to discover and draw upon the power of God within them to live fully.

WHAT do we strive to do?

To honor the God in all and to be an ever-widening circle of out-streaming goodwill and constructive influence.


The Creative Life Church Community gathers in peace and focuses on understanding and demonstrating that we are One: One Presence, One Mind, One Power, One Perfect love, which is All That Is. We affirm the awareness of inner knowing as the power that gives Spiritual order to our lives

We Demonstrate Our Mission
By recognizing the intrinsic goodness and Divine Nature of each individual.
By applying spiritual understanding to every moment in our lives, including various forms of teaching both written and unwritten.
By supporting one another in expanding spiritual awareness and demonstration.
By celebrating All That Is, knowing in our awareness the limitless connection of loving goodwill.
By honoring the common thread of all inspired thought from religion, philosophy, science, and art.